Captain Purplebeard

Captain Purplebeard

Good Guy or Bad Guy?
Bad Guy

Arch Enemy of Capt. Blownaparte
Nastiest Pirate Ever

Captain Purplebeard is the most feared and slippery pirate ever, and the absolute antithesis of gentle Captain Blownaparte. He presents himself as a sharp suited dedicated follower of fashion, and has an extremely creepy countenance as he flamboyantly struts about on deck in his dazzling yellow pirate kit. This is a man who is not to be trusted, and is suspiciously in the know about the disappearance of Captain Blownaparte’s long lost brother. Sinister and selfish, Purplebeard has no regard for anyone or anything – except his own slick image and power hungry plans. No wonder he’s the nastiest pirate in the business!