Captain Blownaparte

Captain Blownaparte

Good Guy or Bad Guy?
Good Guy

Bumbling and Forgetful
Jolly and Lovable

Captain Blownaparte is the jolliest pirate on the seven seas! He loves children and animals and is a sort of bumbling and forgetful nutty professor whose great obsession is collecting shiny gold coins. He’s a good and principled character, with a kind and lovable demeanour – and the crew thank their lucky stars to be sailing on his ship. Captain Blownaparte sports a strong sense of justice and is always ready to help the underdog come through against all odds. Saving animals from human exploitation is his regular cause. His big break came when Prosper the brainy parrot was blown aboard ship in a terrible storm. Prosper liked what he saw and stayed on – and his clever ideas have helped Captain Blownaparte and his crew ever since.