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Fabulous Adventures

Captain Blownaparte’s world is an infinite horizon of non-stop fun and fabulous adventures on the seven seas. Enthralling and highly educational, the stories are a delight for pre-school and first readers, and indeed for adult and parent readers alike. Writer Helga Hopkins and her illustrator David Benham have openly exercised a very high quality of story telling and artistic endeavour, and have passionately delivered original characterisation that is thrilling in concept and professionalism.

Each magical adventure is actively responsible in its social message, but never loses sight of its promise to create a magical world for its young audience. Captain Blownaparte and his redoubtable crew are a terrific team of characters who are always on the lookout for reasons to be cheerful. And for children the world over, Captain Blownaparte’s open invitation to join him on his absurd and hilarious travels is absolutely irresistible. From Portsmouth to Perth and Bristol to Barbados, Captain Blownaparte’s adventures are the funniest and most delightful tales of our time.




From the outset, Captain Blownaparte’s visual image and the world he inhabits, had to be the best possible in terms of informed illustration and clever invention. All the characters and their historical environment have been thoroughly researched by the author, and the artist David Benham’s brilliant portrayal of the period is a fine example of top illustrative design. Period cross-over with some of the characters and story events is a deli-sberate licence on the part of the author to allow broader comedy and learning opportunities, and to encourage wider creative concept.

Vitally, character design is pitched commercially in every sense, with leading players targeted to appeal across the media spectrum of animation, publishing, merchandising and PC gaming. In the tradition of other contemporary children’s characters, Captain Blownaparte is seamlessly presentable across all media and marketing territories, and clearly destined to become an international comic hero.